11031 Ascella Emergency Light

Ascella 5-Watts 150 Lumens 3-in-1 LED Smart Bulb No need to curse the darkness with this versatile bulb in your possession. Use it as a traditional flashlight when the power goes out. Insert it in a standard light-bulb socket and it functions as a long-lasting LED light bulb. You can even set it to Emergency mode so it comes on automatically when the power goes out.

3-in-1 design Three versatile functions in one Use as a traditional flashlight to find your way in the dark Use as a long-lasting standard light bulb powered by a light switch or lamp Set to Emergency mode and light automatically turns on when power goes out using reverse polarity Handle extends for comfortable use in flashlight mode 26 individual LEDs Provide enough light to illuminate a room in an emergency situation Equivalent to a 30-watt incandescent bulb draws only 5 watts of energy Save money on your power bill Lasts more than 18 years Save money on replacement light bulbs and flashlight batteries DO NOT USE WITH DIMMERS

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